Galkynysh Street

Ashgabat – 2011

Designed as a modern carriageway consisting of two sections, the project of the Galkynysh Street stands out with its landscaping, peripheral facilities, lengthy walking trail, and its curbs.

  • Galkynysh Street
  • Galkynysh Street
  • Galkynysh Street

This 2.6-kilometer, 4-lane dual carriageway consists of two sections: Turkmenbashi and Galkynysh. The 45-meter "Five-Headed Eagle" statue, representing the five states of Turkmenistan, has been built on a total construction area of 3,000 m2 at the intersection of these roads.

Within the project, 7,550 meters of granite curbs have been installed, 62,281 m2 of walking trails have been created and modern air-conditioned bus stops with kiosks, LED monitors and modern toilet facilities have been installed along the road. Landscaping and gardening works have been carried out alongside the road, pedestrian underpasses have been built and a total of 55,912 m2 of asphalt plank wearing surface has been laid.